Pixel Pit



Hello Everyone, and welcome to the Pixel Pit, my own little corner of the internet.

I made this site for the same reason as many of you, as a response to modern social media. I was too young to experience the web in its golden years. Simple chat forums and self-hosted blogs. A place where people shared and created simply because they could, and not to satisfy some algorithm for money. An internet in the hands of the people. I hope to find a taste of that technological freedom as I develop this site and explore others.

I also hope that this site acts as an incentive for me to continue growing creatively. A reason to progress my skills in programming, start writing more, and find new forms of creative expression. As this page may make obvious, I’ve had a constant interest in pixel art and sprite designs, and wish to start making some of my own. Here, I have the chance to do so for my own sake and not that of any social media following



My first finished piece. I wanted to created something isometric. I started with a bedroom but quickly pivoted to something else. I'll need to figure out resolution scaling or use higher res canvases soon